Monday, February 21, 2011

Art and Soul!!!!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be teaching Scribble Collage at Art and Soul this fall in Portland, Oregon. On Thursday, September 29 I'll be teaching a full-day session, in which we make loads of gorgeous scribble-painted papers and then make collages with them.

A few scribble collage studies from a student in a recent workshop:

The evening session, "Scribble Paint" will be a condensed version, in which we make the gorgeous papers, but not collage.

There will be so many fabulous classes offered at Art and Soul this fall; check out some of these fine teachers:Link
Janne Robberstad is teaching Machine Embroidered Birds and Fabric Portraits.
Stephanie Rubiano is teaching FOUR different workshop; check them out.
Elizabeth Kettle is teaching is teaching THREE different workshop is fabric and mixed media. Click here for her blog.
Ingrid Dijkers is teaching THREE workshops in art journaling.
I can't wait to meet Ingrid, as she has several pieces in my new book.
Marcia Schultz
Kari McKnight-Holbrook is teaching THREE workshops in mixed media.
Karen O'Brien is teaching Block Party, making small scale art with loads of mixed media techniques.
Glenny Moir organizes the whole thing!

Hope you can join us!!


  1. Looks great Jane..we are looking forward to
    meeting you in Portland!
    Ty and Marcia Schultz

  2. Oh, I adore your way with color! Bright colors simply makes me so happy! I look forward to meeting you at Art&Soul!

  3. Beautiful collages Jane. I am looking forward to meeting you in person at Art and Soul. I love your Collage-Athon idea and would love to play!!!


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