Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Big Fat Lines

This has been SO FUN! I'm making big fat lines on big fat paper. 18x24" cheap drawing paper, as well as full sheets of Chinese newspaper sent by a friend. On the newspaper, I am first painting it with slightly watered down white and off-white acrylic using a cheap hardware store bristle brush. LOVE the texture that makes! For the lines I am mostly using a mop brush and high-flow paint.

This is the view from my office/yoga space, in the loft of my studio.

See that spiral piece lower center? That is on deli paper, painted first with the white.
Here are a couple of collage-paintings I've made from big fat line work. These are both on 19"x24" bristol. The Blick Bristol is super smooth and durable, perfect for this kind of thing.

This one includes some cut-up Big Fat Art

The pink and green on the lower left are house paint scribbles.


  1. Do you prep the paper with gesso before making fat lines?

    1. Read the first paragraph about how I prep the paper. For these I am using paint, but you could use gesso or nothing at all.

  2. I love the loose brush strokes and the marks you are getting from them. I see that it is a very messy process that includes the walls and floor of your new studio. I've been reluctant to get too energetic in applying paint and inks with big brushes because I am worried about my floors. I can repaint the walls; but, I have flooring that is made up of thick rubber mats. Your wood floors don't look too distressed yet from your approach. Are you covering them up before you sling the paint? What is your personal goal about how you want your new studio to age over time? Lived in or protected at all cost to look well cared for over the long haul? Just curious since you worked in your barn before -- holding back nothing in your approach. :-) xoxo -Eileen Harwood

  3. gorgeous work! those drips add nice thin-ish straight-ish lines connecting the rounded brush strokes. i also love the way the spiral adds variety to the display. will we see more of these taken further or are you done with this experiment?

  4. You're so generous in your sharing Jane. You constantly inspire me! Thankyou

  5. Jane, I admire your ability to explore and have fun in your studio....You inspire me with your frees spirit. I'm constantly thinking but not producing...it's time to play with paint!!!!
    thanks for being so generous with your ideas!!!!


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