Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Kitchen Table Art WORKSHOP!

Coming up, on October 5, I am teaching a one-day workshop on Kitchen Table Art. You can see a previous post about Kitchen Table Art here. It's basically art that you can do at the kitchen table, or in a café, or at the beach, or a picnic table, or in your hotel room. No wet paint or brushes to clean up. It's like drawing with dry media, but there are so many more options.

You can see details about the workshop here. It is in Dorset, Vermont, offered by Green Mountain Academy of Lifelong Learning.

Here is a new video on Kitchen Table Art:


  1. I've always been afraid to use crayons because of their waxiness, but do the water soluble crayons not have a waxy texture and therefore can be painted over? And who makes them? thank you.

  2. Reminds me to use crayons. It's been since elementary school since I last used one.


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