Friday, May 3, 2019

Collage Challenge #4 for the month of May

Collage Challenge #4 Part 1

For Collage Challenge #4 we are making hearts. Yes, hearts. Here is the most recent post on collage hearts, with links to previous posts. The rules for this collage challenge are:
  • The hearts should be collage only. No painting or drawing in these. 
  • Make one heart per piece. That is, don't make repeating hearts in one piece.
Download a few collage papers here. Using them is optional.

 Join our Flickr group and post your heart collages there.

You could just cut out a heart and glue it to a background, but to make it more fun and challenging try creating the heart shape out of several collage pieces, and/or same with the ground. Here are a couple of examples from the previous posts:

 Part 2

Send me collections of collage papers that you would like to see made into heart collages. Six to ten pieces is plenty. Send to:

Jane Davies Studios
PO Box 45
Rupert, Vermont 05768

I will choose one or more winners and make collage hearts for them.

Also, send me a self addressed envelope with postage if you are in the US, and not if you are outside the US. I will send you some collage papers.


  1. Replies
    1. No no! It starts now, and is for the month of May.

  2. Can't wait to get started on this months challenge! Many thanks to you, Jane, for the motivation.

  3. What size papers would be best for me to send you for this project?

  4. I wanted to join your flickr group but I don't have a cell phone so it won't let me.


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