Friday, December 22, 2017

Collage Papers

As you may know, I recently released a book of collage papers that you can cut and use in your own work.  Here is a little video of me making two collages, inspired by Rex Ray, using my papers.
Find the book here.

I hope the book will inspire you to make your own collage papers as well. Mix them with found papers like book pages, discarded maps, and ephemera for a truly eclectic collection. Use to wrap small gifts, decorate gift tags, and other paper crafts.  Happy Solstice Season!

Find Collage Papers HERE.

I was going to crop these to squares, as you saw in the video, but in the end they looked better as rectangles.  Using a viewfinder, though, can be really helpful in deciding on a final composition.


  1. Wow, that looks really fun. Better than a coloring book.

  2. I purchased the book from Amazon. Have yet to use any off the pages.I hope you will be making more pages for another book.

  3. Hi Jane,

    Are these papers specially coated to prevent wrinkling or anything like that?

    Looks like a great book!

    1. Great question, Erin. The papers are not coated, but it is in the TECHNIQUE to keep it from wrinkling. take your time, and pay attention while you collage, don't just slap it down, and you should be fine. I must have videos somewhere demonstrating my collage technique. Usually when I see wrinkly collage, it is because the person was sloppy in their technique. Have fun!


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