Saturday, November 12, 2016

More Fun And Easy Collage Paper Techniques

Sometimes you just need something fun and easy to do in the studio that cheers you up and feels productive.  Making Pretty Papers is just the thing for a chilly November day.
WARM Collage papers for an uncertain future from Jane Davies on Vimeo.

Here are some links to the materials I am using, though there are more links on my Favorite Materials page.

Novacolor Paints - these are decent quality paints: good pigments in a good binder, but they are more extended (i.e. less pigment per unit of volume) than professional grade paints.  You can only get them from the manufacturer; they are not available from retailers.

ArtQuest Perfect Pigments, made in Michigan, are relatively new to me.  Gorgeous colors!

Golden Fluid Acrylics: many of you are familiar with these luscious paints.  I use them for most of my smaller work, and the Heavy Body paints for larger works.  I use some of the HB paints in this video too.

Golden High Flow Acrylics: these are low-viscosity (think: watery) paints suitable for dripping, dropping, splashing, flinging, hurling, spattering, and the like.  They have the same pigment load as other Golden paints, so they are not simply Fluid Acrylics watered down. 

Stay Warm, but have a chill weekend.  We all need it after last week!


  1. Thank you, Jane. That was fun to watch and see the results of what you created with them.

  2. I can't wait to get in my studio tomorrow and try these techniques. Thanks Jane!

  3. Warm collage papers = fantastic antidote to an uncertain future! Great thinking.

  4. Thanks for the tips. It helps to get out into the studio primed to work!

  5. What fun, I love the bright warm colors, just the thing for a "perk up" that I so need right now.....

  6. Thanks Jane. You're right. Needing a cheerful light project. xo

  7. Jane do I ever need to do something that will cheer me up! Thanks for all the suggestions.



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