Monday, November 14, 2016

Black and White Online Class

Finally, I have figured out an online workshop on Working in Black and White.  It begins next summer, July 19 (sorry I could not squeeze it in sooner).

I am very much drawn to the simplicity and austerity of black and white, neutrals, and shades of gray, even though much of my own work relies on color. Color is a powerful language, and it’s often the element we relate to most immediately in a painting. Because it is such a strong element, we sometimes neglect other possibilities of richness and subtlety in our visual expression.  Read more here.
 Here are a few previous blog posts on working in Black and White:  Black and White and Shades of GrayHappy New Year (2015), which includes a video; and Black and White Studies.  Since it is a while before the class starts, I encourage you to do your own studies in black and white.  See what happens!


  1. I will be doing black and white 'play' as soon as I get past Xmas. The general December rush has started early for me this year. LOVE that piece with its various shapes and light/dark balance. Your line has great integrity.


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