Thursday, March 24, 2016

Stripes - Student Work

OK, I will do a tutorial on stripes, like the ones in this post.  Meanwhile, I want to share with you some AWESOME student work;  the assignment is Monochrome Stripes.  Look at the fabulous variety of interpretations:


Please do not re-post these, as it will appear that it is my work.  Thanks.  Enjoy!


  1. Makes me want to paint! You get such wonderful work out of your students! I've been admiring your work for awhile now. You must be a good teacher!

  2. I missed posting my stripes pieces. It was a busy week with grandchildren. I worked on the stripe paintings until the 11th hour and could not scan them in time to meet the deadline. But I am glad you are promoting your students. I am happy to promote you! I have learned so much in the "100 paintings in 10 weeks" course.


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