Monday, March 21, 2016

Lisa Pressman Workshop at R&F Paint

I just got back from a workshop with Lisa Pressman at R&F Paints, called "Exploring Visual Language: Conversations on Color".  How cool is THAT?  We were working with pigment sticks, which are very rich oil paint in stick form.  Lisa is awesome, the studio is awesome, and the other students were awesome.  Could not have been a more inspiring workshop. Here are a few pix:

Lisa demonstrating on multiple pieces with multiple materials

One of my 10"x10" panels, still wet, still in progress

Ditto the above

And another one....

one of my studies on paper, 7"x7"

Another study on paper, using neutrals this time

The R&F Pigment Sticks are absolutely LUSCIOUS!

10"x10" panel, study using printmaking techniques - masking and brayering

This is most of the class - a couple people left early.  That's me in the magenta sweatshirt.  Lisa is second from the right.  Richard Frumess, the founder of R&F, is on the far left.  Well, he's the only guy, so I guess that's obvious.

Another study on paper

Ditto the above...

The Wall of Paint: pigment sticks on the left, encaustic paints on the right.


  1. It has been my dream ever since I saw "Pollock" to work in oil sticks! And I love Lisa Pressman's work (I think you know how much I love yours:)) One day!

  2. thanks so much for sharing Jane! I've only recently heard of oil sticks because of delving into cold wax. I have yet to purchase a few but this has me thinking sooner rather than later:)

  3. Beautiful works, Jane! How much fun to use those wonderful, yummy sticks. I have a question- if you use them on paper what paper do you use that will not deteriorate or show the oil migration? And how do you frame/mount them? Thanks for any help you can give and thank you for sharing so much! Mo

    1. Lisa recommends Arches Oil Paper. But you can gesso regular watercolor paper. Ask Lisa Pressman about framing / mounting. I'd work directly on panel, or if working on paper frame under glass.

  4. What a joy to have you in the studio, Jane!!

  5. I am taking a similar workshop with Lisa at the International Encaustic Conference -I am so excited!!

    1. Oh, you'll love it! I went to the conference a couple of times - loads of fabulous stuff, for sure! Enjoy.

  6. Replies
    1. Hi Jo. Yes, WOW. It was a really inspiring workshop, packed with ideas and information, and also the usual amount of angst (me, not Lisa). I really love to leave my teacher hat at home and come to a workshop as a student. It makes me stretch, get uncomfortable, notice more where my edges are (comfort, habit, etc.), and also meet other artists.

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