Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stripes in Sequence

Here is "3'x3' Stripes #1", FINISHED:

See it in my online gallery here.  See the whole Stripes Series here.

And here are some process shots:

This is already many layers into the process, and I hadn't thought of it as a "Stripes" piece yet.

After much deliberating, painting, painting over, etc. the piece is still trying to be a grid.

When in doubt, drip some High-Flow paint.

First I thought I would just make the right margin into stripes, red on red-brown.  But then the black and gray made their appearance, and the piece was in serious danger of becoming Mostly Stripes.

At this point I could see that the Stripes were taking over.
And here is the finished piece again, as you can see, All Stripes.  This is 3'x3', acrylic on canvas.
Thanks for visiting. 


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  2. Great piece! I love that you share the steps and the process. Is there any collage under there?

  3. Thank you again for the gift of process. The part that catches my attention again and again is the letting go, the openness to change and movement. I get attached to parts that emerge in the process and don't want to let go—EVEN WHEN IT'S YOUR PAINTING, NOT MINE! I am laughing. I am humbled. I am delighted by your art!

  4. It's great seeing the process. I'm intrigued by the fact that at any given stage of the process a painting could work. It would provide a different experience different from the final stage but would work for me.
    It would be interesting to have the process pieces available as prints also.
    Nice work, Thanks.

  5. LOL! "After much deliberating, painting, painting over, etc. the piece is still trying to be a grid." Glad to know you're going through this struggle too; always thought you are so in control of your pieces and processes! When working in your workshop, I often get stuck in the same process, painting over, and painting over. In frustration, I gave up and just went with the spirit of the painting, and totally missed the objective of your instructions. I could see from this process how you got out of the "grid" predicament... "When in doubt, drip some High-Flow paint." Brilliant idea! Thank You for posting and explaining your process; it's well noted. Really enjoy your blog. :-)

    1. Thanks, Tina. But what on earth ever gave you the idea that I don't struggle, or that I'm in some kind of control of my pieces? Being OUT of control is where the fun is. Right now I'm semi-focused on stripes, so everything I touch turns to stripes, whether I want it to be or not. Thanks for reading my blog!

  6. Each piece is beautiful on its own - together like the above, looks like a series. But of course you only have one final piece, yes?

  7. Jane think you really hit on a great idea. Love these.

  8. Hi Jane - the epic battle of grid vs. stripes; what's the score now? Grid 893, Stripes 1. Your process was interesting to see. Stripes are not something I am generally attracted to… however, this piece I find compelling. There is so much to look at. My eye is most attracted to the vertical stripes made by the hi-flow behind the horizontal stripes. The seems paradoxical somehow and I just want to keep looking.

  9. O Jane, I love, love, love your new LOOKS, hairdo,website, paintings, the big sizes. So exciting and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your art/life with us.

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  11. It's always fascinating to see the progress. Stunning piece!

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