Friday, January 1, 2016

Color Class Is Now Downloadable

Happy New Year!!  

Unlocking the Secrets of Color was the first online workshop I ever offered, back in May, 2011.  As you may know, I am "retiring" my older online workshops and making them downloadable.  In this format, you get all the lessons and access to all the videos, and work on your own, at your own pace.  Now, Unlocking the Secrets of Color is available for you to download.  Click here for details and to purchase.

These are two color study pieces I did to demonstrate using different proportions of two complementary colors. 

In my "regular" online workshops, I create a group blog, and everyone gets individual feedback from me on everything they post.  The group gets the benefit of seeing each others work as well as comments from others.  This year I will be adding some new online workshops, including "Beyond the Color Wheel" (sorry, it's already full, but I plan to offer it again in the fall), and a course on Black and White

Hope you have a happy and creative 2016; I'm sure you will!


  1. LOVE your classes, and could recommend them to anyone. They've worked wonders for my art practice.

  2. Jane, thank you for the gift of your paintings. Love seeing your work. You've opened doors in my heart and in my painting. I am grateful.


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