Monday, June 8, 2015

More Eye Candy from the Pacific Northwest

More student work, this time from the Monoprint Collage class at Pacific Northwest Art School:

I took a little different approach to this class than previously - focusing more on collage - and the student work blew me away!  Please don't re-post these images, as they are student work.

I will be offering Gelatin Print Collage at Pacific Northwest Art School next year, May 21 and 22.  We will be making our own gelatin plates as well as using the gelliarts plate.  Just prior to that I'm offering "100 Drawings, Paintings, and Explorations", May 16 - 20.


  1. GREAT works! Thanks for the INSPIRATION!

  2. wonderful stuff. I want to do it too!

  3. Great student work! I like how they used monoprints as collage pieces - brilliant!

  4. Excellent work. I am trying your black and white stencilling idea with my Day Centre group and they are enjoying themselves. It takes us a long time, but eventually we will make collages.


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