Thursday, May 28, 2015


The winner of the 14-pc set of Golden Paints is Gayle from St. John, New Brunswick.  Congratulations!  E-mail me, Gayle, with your mailing address, and I'll get that out to you shortly.

Thanks to ALL of you who commented.  You have given me a lot to think about.  A couple of you expressed interest in an online class in which we work only (or primarily) in black and white.  I'd be interested to hear any more thoughts on that, as I will be developing new classes for 2016.

Here is one more digital collage:

If you would like to print this out, I've formatted it in higher resolution on a ground measuring 8.5"x11".  I suggest you print it on Matte Photo Paper, or "presentation paper".

Download Digital Collage #3 here.

I follow a few Pinterest boards of art in black and white.  Take a look:

Black and White Art
White House / Black Market
Abstract Art: Black and White and Neutral
Black White Gray
Noir et Blanc

Enjoy the eye candy!


  1. A Black&White online class? I'd be interested. Thanks for sharing those great Pinterest boards!

  2. Hi Jane, Chris Ames here. I would LOVE a class using only black and white (and varying shades of gray)!

  3. Congrats to Gayle. Great print. I just explored those links, so inspired.

  4. Your work is such an inspiration to me! Thank you!

  5. And along with my many many thanks to you Jane via email, I want to publicly acknowledge your generous gift, and once again, say what a privilege it is to be among those who receive your regular boosts of inspiration. Wherever we are, and in whatever manner we create art, I feel we are all partaking in a noble mission to spread beauty and joy. And the world needs this more then ever!

  6. I would be interested in a black and white course also

  7. I would be interested in an online black, white and grey class:) Thanks!

  8. I would be interested in an online black, white and grey class:) Thanks!

  9. I would definitely be interested in a black and white class!

  10. Jane,
    Thank you so much for always sharing your art with us! You are very unique and special in that regard. Lots of artists and even teachers aren't as remotely forthcoming with their work and techniques as you are.
    Many thanks! ~ Dana, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


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