Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Few More 4"x4" Collages

Continuing to use my recently made collage papers, here are a few more Teeny Tiny Art pieces.

I just filled out my 2016 schedule on my web site, so you can see what next year's workshops will be.  I haven't yet posted the online workshop schedule, but will do so soon.  The only workshop that is currently open for registration is Gelatin Print Collage, in Bennington Vermont at the end of January.  Check it out here.  It's limited to twelve participants.

One big change is that Big Fat Art Weekend will be in Gloucester, MA, rather than here in Rupert, VT, April 1 - 3.  I found a venue where we can work on the wall as well as on tables, which will save our backs, and also allow us to work even larger if we want to.  I can accommodate fourteen participants, and will open it up for registration in the next month or two.  I hope to offer a second Big Fat Art Weekend sometime in the fall.

Another big change for 2016 is that I am only offering two workshops at Art and Soul in Portland next year, but both of them are two days plus an evening, so we can get deeper into our topics:  Dynamic Composition and Layering and Excavating.  Open for registration by June 1, maybe before.


  1. Busy, busy...but not so distracted you can't produce fabulous pieces!

  2. whether they are large or small your art is always captivating jane!

  3. Thanks for the video tutorial on these. I loved the idea of using a viewfinder to help with composition. Want to try that!

  4. Wow, they are bright and cheerful! Love, love, love! Thanks for sharing, Jane.

  5. I see you're going to be in Traverse City in August, 2016. What are you teaching there? It's close to home so I may be able to do that one.

  6. N°3, 4 and 5 are absolutely fabulous!!! I love the depth of your colours! They just sing to me!


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