Monday, April 13, 2015

Winner of the OPEN Acrylics

Jan from  Green Valley, AZ is the winner of our set of OPEN acrylics from Golden (well, the giveaway is from me, but Golden makes these fabulous paints).  Jan needs them because regular acrylics dry much too quickly in Arizona.  Thanks, everybody, for participating.  Jan: e-mail me with your mailing address, and I will send them out next week.

Here are two pieces in process in my studio.  Both are 30"x44", which is WAY big for me.  OPEN acrylics are great for working large as well.

This one is probably finished.  30"x44" on paper

This is a close-up, sort of, of the above.

This one is definitely NOT finished.


  1. Congratulations to Jan...lucky girl. Jane, your new work is fascinating.

  2. Both these pieces are wonderful; can't wait to see the second one in its finished state!

  3. Jane, do you do large collages, as well? I would really like to see some. These paintings are very poetic and feminin. Beautiful!
    Regards, Zora


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