Friday, February 14, 2014

Working Large - In Progress

I don't have any video or tutorials or giveaways just now, so I thought I'd just share with you what I'm working on in the studio this week.  I've been pushing to work larger, and it is a struggle.  The work I did the other week at the drawing workshop really helped, so I went back to two 3'x3' canvases I'd begun recently.  Here is the first one, at various stages of the process:

Still in process
Almost finished

I think this might be finished.

And here is a second one I'm working on, which is still in process, another 3'x3' canvas:

This is where I started.
I just HAD to try some of the India Ink techniques.

Now I am still scribbling on this one, seeing where it will take me.
 A couple of detail shots:

detail 1

detail 2
I am really looking forward to my Big Fat Art classes coming up.  One at AVA in NH on March 7, then Big Fat Art Weekend here in Vermont at the end of March, and in September, Big Fat Art on Whidbey Island at Pacific Northwest Art School.

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  1. Honest to goodness...I love every single thing that you create! Just takes my breath away! Love, love, love!!!

  2. I REALLY like your first painting....The red is the perfect touch!
    I shared your blog with my adult collage students this week!
    Have a good Valentine's Day : )

  3. Jane, they are all just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing...

  4. Jane I just love your artwork. THey are all stunning. I love the piece I purchased.....!

  5. 3 x 3 ft is my favourite size. You can really lash out...and you have, beautifully.

  6. Hi Jane...I just finished watching your DVD (here in central FL).
    Curled up with a frozen dacquarie and all those amazing papers.
    I will have to go through it again soon step by step and try each one.
    Or at least the ones I liked the best.
    I loved the brayer run over the rubber stencil. Amazing!
    Your work above looks like totally painted.
    3' by 3'...whoa that's a lot of paint! I love the colors.
    Can you remind me the difference between the two kinds of white? One is more transparent.
    Which one is it?

    1. Glad to hear you have enjoyed the DVD and are painting papers! 3'x3' IS large for me, but I'm starting to feel more comfortable with it. Titanium white is more opaque than Zinc White. And, of course, they vary from brand to brand. I use Blick Matte Acrylics for my white; see then LINKS page on my web site, or click on "My Favorite Materials" in the right margin of the blog here. I just recently updated it.

  7. So enjoyable to see your WIPs as they progress! Love those videos too.

  8. Hi Jane,
    Kudos to you for working large!!! 3' by 3' sounds soooo intimidating. I love how you showed the first painting in stages. Did you use an oiler boiler for the mark making in the last photo? It seems to ground your painting. I love it.


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