Thursday, February 20, 2014

Notes from the Studio

Just wanted to share with you what's going on in my studio this week.  First, this morning for some unknown reason I wanted to work in oil media:  oil sticks, pigment sticks, oil pastels and oil paint.  So I painted on some drawings I'd made yesterday.  Here are two of the drawings:

Drawing #1; 20"x20", acrylic, charcoal, graphite on paper

Drawing #3; 20"x20", acrylic, charcoal, graphite on paper
There were four of these, and I kept #1, but painted over #2, #3, and #4 using oils.  Here are the results so far.  THESE ARE STILL IN PROCESS, so if you post them somewhere, please indicate that.

Oil #1, 20"x20"

Oil #2, 20"x20"

Oil #3, 20"x20"
I am using an alkyd resin medium with the the paints and over the oil pastels (makes it dry faster), and mostly using my fingers to apply the paint.  I've been looking at some colorful work on Pinterest, in particular recently Madeline Denaro, Wendy McWilliams, Charlotte Foust, and others.  I'd been getting very scribbly and linear, and using neutrals, so I'm looking maybe to bring in some shapes and patterns?  I don't know.  This is just a baby step beginning.

On the 3'x3' front, I will show you several stages of the painting I put in a recent post:

This is where it was in my Working Large post.

Here is is somewhat transformed.

And here I totally obscured the India ink portion.

This is a detail shot of the piece at this point.
 This, of course, is still in process.  I've done a little more to the red area, but it has a ways to go. 

Here are links to some of the materials I used:
Holbein Oil Pastels
Sennelier Oil Pastels
Caran d'Ache Neopastels
R&F Pigment Sticks
Gamblin Oil Paints
Alkyd Resin Gel (Gamblin's brand is called "Galkyd")

Some of the above links are to the manufacturers; some are to Blick Art Materials.  All of the above are available at Blick Art Materials, and many other art supply retailers.

My work table this morning.


  1. Wow ! You are being really brave ! Looking forward to seeing where this leads you !

  2. I love them all Jane, nice work!

  3. Love the blue added. I am a big fan of blue and orange they go together like peanut butter and jelly ;) Just a thought.As always your sense of composition amazes me.

  4. You have definitely gone large. and it looks like you are having fun.. Really like this work, shapes and colors . fun fun fun...

  5. I just love the way you work over your paintings and come up with such fantastic results. It takes a certain kind of courage/confidence. You are a great role model for just diving in and trusting your instincts. Gorgeous work, Jane!

  6. I like the colors and textures! NICE lines, too : )

  7. these are all just fabulous Jane but I especially love the ones with a touch of red :)

  8. Ooo Ooo Ooo love the added color from the oil media! How fun!

  9. Thanks for sharing your process. It makes me feel better about all the start-overs I do!

  10. P. S. Thanks also for sharing links to the other artists. Some great color combinations to think about in their paintings.

  11. My...your works are like an archaeological dig. Great layers...each fascinating.

  12. Hello! What I love about your work is your patience to keep searching. When I look at the 3'x3' pieces, there were many times when I would have stopped. Each and every time, the next evolution was better! Note: I love Madeline and Wendy's work too! xo

  13. I like neutrals but am happy now that you are putting color back in...bright reds, etc.
    Your work table looks familiar in his craziness. I am now trying hard (after watching your DVD and going absolutely nuts) trying to find ways in my small studio to make room for more organized chaos. Whoever invented plastic stacking drawers in a genius.

  14. When I looked at Oil #3 I was reminded of a Rauschenberg piece I saw years ago. He had created a series of drawings and marks on acetate or drafting film. Then he mounted them into a box with about 1/4 inch space in between the sheets. If I remember correctly he was able to rearrange the layers through slits in the side of the box. This emphasized the depth of field much like the red shapes over the neutrals and lavender in your painting. It appears that they have entered the painting and are journeying to the center.

  15. Love where you are going with these. I have been using oil pastels on my acrylic paintings on paper or canvas for several months now and love the layers and texture they add. After several months the oil pastels cure and can be sprayed and hung without glass. Love the effect that they add to your work!

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