Friday, July 12, 2013

Pictures from the Exhibition

I want to share with you some images of the show, "Journey Into Process", of which I am a part.  It is on view at Vermont Institute of Contemporary Art (VTica) through September 8.  You can see my portion of the exhibition on my web site though I did not post the 4"x4" pieces individually.

Part of my wall, before the opening

VTica serves REALLY good hors d'oeuvres at openings!

Part of my 4"x4" exhibition, in the hallway

"Edge Location" series

One of two groupings of my Shape Series
Enjoy!  I've recently updated my Workshop Calendar, so take a peek and see what's coming up this fall and in 2014.


  1. Hallo Jane, It is for me to far a way to come over and see the Exhibition . I live in Holland. It is so good to see your work hanging on the wall so people can be inspired.
    Thanks for the you tube film , I learn a lot of it. It is clear and and good to follow.

    Thanks for chairing all off you ideea's.
    Sorry for my english.
    Blessings Jeanet from Holland

  2. Work looks excellent Jane
    How I would love an in person visit!
    best, sus

  3. If only it wasn't so far to swim! What a massive amount of fabulous work...I'm sure it would make me swoon.

  4. I can't swim that far either, but I feel fortunate that I will meet you and take several of your classes at the Art & Soul Retreat in Portland. I live in California which is probably as far from Vermont as Holland. I have learned so much all ready from your new DVD and website tutorials. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Love love love thoses 4 x4s!!
    Lorraine Layne


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