Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back to the Postcards!

Some of you have asked if I ever sleep, implying that I am doing a lot of work lately.  I have had some productive studio time, for sure, and am gearing up for summer and fall workshops.  I do sleep.  What I haven't been doing is scanning and posting all the fabulously creative postcards I've received for The Postcard Project!  I read every single one, and LOVE them all, but the volume has been overwhelming, and other obligations have taken priority.  I am keeping them safe while I figure out how and where to display them...

Here are a few recent ones; it was hard to choose just enough for a blog post, so I decided to highlight the fabric pieces:

All postcards that reach our post office in 2013 COUNT towards keeping it open in 2014.  Rather than scanning and posting every single one on the online galleries, I think at this point it will be more realistic for me to do an occasional post on the blog with select images.  We are well over the 2000 mark now!  THANKS SO MUCH to all of you who have sent and are sending cards. 


  1. that is awesome Jane! These fabric postcards are gorgeous!!

  2. Gorgeous postcards. Fabric works so well in collages.

  3. Wow!! These are really amazing!

  4. These are beautiful! I love the fabric and it's amazing that they're all so unique and colorful in their own way. The Postcard Project sounds like great fun!

  5. Wow, over 2,000!! I am glad I did my bit, Jane, and hope everyone's support helps you keep the PO open.

  6. Fabulous examples. Thanks for posting. Great news -- over 2,000. Three more on the way today!


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