Saturday, July 6, 2013


I've been fascinated by more-or-less-monochrome paintings, and started a Pinterest board to collect images.  How do you make a painting interesting when you are using predominantly one color?  I thought I'd investigate this issue by making a series of paintings, or collage-paintings, dominated by a single color.  This one is 12"x12" on canvas.  I did shoot some video of the process, but will edit and post at a later date.
This was meant to be predominantly blue, but I can see I got very green in some places.  The collage pieces, using the paper demonstrated below, are on the middle left, and lower left just below the orange.  They get sucked right into the painting.

In the meantime, I made a video of a painting technique I use to make collage papers:
This is one of the many techniques I'll be sharing in Expressive Collage and Painting at Omega in September, as well as Scribble Paint and Unbinding the Visual Journal at Art and Soul in Portland in October.


  1. Hi Jane, I hope you had a very successful opening at VTica! Quick question on this post. I'm such a newbie so my apologies for asking such elementary questions. What kind of paper are you using? You also mentioned this was on a canvas. Assuming you mount the paper onto the canvas? How do the two work together? Thank you!

    1. GREAT opening! Will post pix soon.

      The paper I'm using in the video is Cheap Drawing Paper; see my Links page on my site for sources (maybe I should post a link directly from the blog.... will do).

      The piece is on canvas. It is mostly paint, but there are a few little collage pieces on it. So, no mounting paper to canvas.

  2. It looks great. Thank you for sharing this video. BTW I have your "Scribble Collage with Hand-Painted Paper" DVD. I highly recommend it to others!!

    Judi Vreeland

  3. As always you make it look soooooo easy Jane.

  4. WOW! Super colors! Looks like swimming in the deep blue sea!

  5. I love your papers. Now, I need to go make some for myself! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous paper. Thanks for sharing your technique and giving the colors and explanations as you painted.

    I've been playing with credit cards and pieces of same on 140 wc paper and water colors. Postcards on the way!

    And I second Judi's recommendation: I love your scribble DVD!!

    Lorraine Layne

  7. Maybe you have a list of the colours (English) you use - where can I find it ? Love your work and surprises.


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