Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sketchbook Practice, Starting May 15

My online class, "Sketchbook Practice", begins May 15th, that's next week.  In this workshop we use the sketchbook, or stack of loose paper, as a playground of visual ideas and a workhorse for developing drawing, painting, and collage skills.   Give your inner artist a little breathing room beginning with The Sketchbook Practice Workshop.  You will get a creative workout, but in a relaxed, supportive setting, where experimentation and play are encouraged. Each of the six lessons offers drawing practice exercises, introduces a new material or technique, and challenges you to work on a particular theme.  The Sketchbook Practice Workshop will give you the tools and the confidence you need to keep creativity in your life!

Read about online workshops here.

Here are a few examples of student work: 

We played with lines, circles, shapes, grids,  ink, paint, collage, and more.  


  1. I'm loving your Extreme Composition workshop Jane, and would sign up for this too if I wasn't up to pussy's bow with stuff to do between now and at least mid-September. Can't recommend your workshops highly enough. Lots of instruction, and exercises, and great constructive criticism. Will certainly back up for another one later.

  2. Any recommendations for brand and size of sketch book needed?

  3. Your students wor is so great! I think I need to use ink more, it creates such strong colours.

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