Saturday, May 18, 2013

Not Quite So Fresh Paint Saturday

OK, so I did not get to the Fresh Paint  Friday video this week.  I needed some concentrated studio time, which means working without a video camera and not spending hours editing video.  The Fresh Paint series will be back on occasion, when I can take the time to do it.  I love the whole process, but it is time consuming.  Support Fresh Paint Fridays by buying a print.

So, what did I get done in the studio this week?  Here are a couple of things; we'll call them Fresh Paint 7 and Fresh Paint 8:

Fresh Paint #7, acrylic on paper, 12"x12"

Fresh Paint #8, acrylic on paper, 12"x12"

And here is another series I'm working on, using the GelliArts gel plate, and making masks and stencils to create shapes.  I'll be teaching a workshop on this at Art and Soul next year, so stay tuned.  The first two are finished, and the rest are in progress.  There are lots more where these came from - I did twenty-four in all, some of which will not make it to the finish line.  Working in series gives me plenty of room to play with the concept. These are all 10"x10" on paper. 

Vessel #1, acrylic, graphite, and ink on paper, 10"x10"

Vessel #2, acrylic, graphite, and ink on paper, 10"x10"


  1. I missed your video, but you are forgiven. These are wonderful and show a different side of you.

  2. Wonderful work. Especially #7. It's intriguing, I can't stop looking at it...

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  4. I really enjoy this serie. Your collages remind me of gems.

  5. I really like these Jane, especially 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9. Love the shapes and use of white and the play of solid with softness which brings a lot of movement. Some of them feel like stones in their weight and texture. The delicate and playful use of line next to that is a beautiful contrast. Very different from what I've seen of earlier work.

  6. Jane - this series is wonderful - rich and appealing. #3 and #7 are my favorites - the gold color in them is just gorgeous. I love your work!


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