Thursday, September 13, 2012

Workshops at Random Arts

I'm just getting back to reality after spending last weekend teaching three workshops at Random Arts in Saluda, NC.  What a blast! We're already looking at scheduling workshops for next year, tentatively in early August.  What a fun place is Random Arts and Saluda, plus I got to see a bit of Asheville as well.  Here are a few pix from the trip:
My color class, with owner, Jane Powell, front and center

A page from the Visual Journal class by Lynn, who posted about the workshop

Holly and Ruthie doing fabulous painted papers

Deb making a grid collage, who blogged about it here.

The two Janes in Tree Pose (take my word for it, since you can't see our legs)

The fabulous front porch of Random Arts
Porch decorations made with colorful fabrics and embroidery hoops

Christy, center, who was extremely prolific!  Vickie, her mother, on the right, and Denise next to the wall.  Denise was drawn to my workshop by my video with the chicken.

Carol Stangler, a bamboo artist, with Jane Powell
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  1. Hi Jane! Those were 3 fabulous workshops!!!

  2. Looks like an amazing time! I've heard Ashville is very beautiful.


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