Sunday, August 19, 2012

Coming Soon!

I have not posted in a while because I've bee REALLY busy teaching this month.  Check out the schedule.  My Collage Journeys in Vermont ended yesterday, and it just could not have been better!  Several of the students took loads of pictures so I'm going to wait to get those before posting more details.  Next year's Collage Journeys is scheduled for August 13 - 17, and registration will open on November 1.

Just prior to Collage Journeys, I was in Phoenix teaching at Art Unraveled.  I taught Fabric-Paper and Plaster and Wax, and had fabulous groups of students in both.  I LOVE going to Phoenix in August!  The heat and the landscape are so exotic to someone from Vermont; it really feels like a world away.

My next teaching adventure is on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, when I'll be teaching at CREATE in Chicago.   Wednesday is Fabric-Paper; Thursday is Unbinding the Visual Journal, and Thursday evening is Scribble Paint.

After that I'll be at Random Arts (see previous post) in Saluda, NC, near Asheville, teaching three workshops, Friday - Sunday, September 7 - 9.  CHECK OUT THIS INTERVIEW WITH RANDOM ARTS OWNER, JANE POWELL. 

And don't forget Art and Soul, coming up in October.  I'll be teaching October 1 and 2.  More on that later.


  1. you have been way busy - I am excited that I will be attending your Saturday class in Saluda

  2. Sound like an exciting schedule, Jane... but busy.. a good busy. I can't wait to see what you do with plaster and wax.. especially with the molds I sent you. Slow down soon.

  3. I missed you at Art Unraveled also????!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully we can connect at Create in Chicago!!! Looking forward to that! joanne

  4. The interview is just great. And yes, you are still young!!!

  5. Hi Jane - Julie Balzer has posted fabulous pictures on her blog of your Vermont class. It looks so joyous and inspiring, and the work people created is just beautiful. I will definitely try to make it next summer! Hope you and the chickees are well!


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