Friday, August 24, 2012

Collage Journeys in Vermont

OK, here is my real post about the workshop last week.  Collage Journeys in Vermont is a five day workshop I do here in Rupert, Vermont, my home town, in August.  This year's group was awesome, and I think a good time was had by all.  We were very lucky to have Julie Fei-Fan Balzer among the participants.  Not only is she an accomplished artist and teacher herself, but she takes pictures of EVERYTHING, and very good pictures.  So she is responsible for the photos in the previous post.  AND, she did two, yes TWO blog posts about this workshop, so I'll just send you over to her blog.  While you are there, check out her line of stencils.  She brought a load of them to share with the class.

Meanwhile, here are a few more pix taken by other students:

This is Julie staring at The Blank Page.  It did not stay blank for long!

painted papers and a few collage studies
Cathy (with a C)'s gorgeous large piece, 22"x30"

A collage painting by Lu
Mona's piece
One from Elizabeth
Most of us.  Joan is still down at my house drawing my chickens.

Definitely check out Joan's Flickr site.  She's not in the picture above, but see her on Julie's blog. If you want to join us next year for Collage Journeys 2013, make sure to get on my mailing list (above, right), or e-mail me.  I'll be opening registration in the fall.


  1. I'll bet this class was the best ever! I follow Julie's blog too and was wishing that I could be there - the student artwork is amazing!

  2. Jane, it was an inspiring and fun 5 days - thanks to an awesome teacher!

  3. Saw Julie's blogs and it made me quite envious. You do such great workshops!! Hope you come to Australia some time.

  4. I adore all the work that went on here! xx


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