Friday, June 15, 2012

The Encaustic Studio

I am happy, once again, to recommend Daniella Woolf's new book, The Encaustic Studio, from Interweave.  I talked about her book in a post called "Putting in the Hours" last month, in which I highlighted some of her advice for artists in general, not specifically encaustic artists.

Besides putting in the hours, Daniella talks about the Power of the Container, by which she means setting parameters, limiting your options.
"If I give myself free rein and infinite options with which to create, I can't move... But if I give myself a few limits, I am golden".  
"I have learned to limit my options, perhaps by color... or medium, but there must be some parameters for my work.  I call this having a container".
So, inspired by Daniella's book, and in the spirit of "Scribble Painting", I went to my encaustic studio yesterday and worked with a limited palette on paper, using lines, repeated circles, and repeated squares.

Encaustic on Paper, 8"x8"

Encaustic on Paper, 8"x8"

Postcard 1, Encaustic on Paper, 4"x6"

Postcard 2, Encaustic on Paper, 4"x6"

Postcard 3, Encaustic on Paper, 4"x6"
 Read about the workshop I took with Daniella last January.  She was such a generous, fun, and informative instructor, I'll be working off what I learned from her for months.  The Encaustic Studio includes a DVD, so you can feel like you are taking a live workshop from Daniella too!

I will be teaching encaustic workshops this summer and fall at the following venues:

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  1. I love your encaustic work - love the colors. Thanks for sharing the tip and your work with that tip.

  2. Your work is beautiful!! Such lovely colors!! Since I am unable to attend your workshops, this book might be the next best thing!!

  3. Oh my, your beautiful art never ceases to awe me! Gorgeous encaustic art Jane-thank you for so generously sharing.

  4. Love your encaustic samples. Intrigued with limiting my boundaries. Can't wait to read it.

  5. I love the spontaneity of your encaustic "Scribble paintings" on paper. This look like a lot of fun. I just finished a book of meditation mandalas (I guess you would call them that) which I made with a limited palette of 4 gel pens and was amazed at the variety I could achieve and Yet the book as a whole had a continuity to it because of the limitation.

  6. Your work is so colorful. Loved what you can do with encaustics, and using the shapes that you used

  7. WOnderFul.... WORK-!!
    I can't wait to give this medium a try....
    I used to melt crayons as a kid on my Mom's griddle.... Ha ha
    sure that I was not the first to do this.
    Warmly melted-
    Sarinda Jones

  8. Your work is inspirational, thanks for sharing.

  9. It's nice to meet another Paper and Wax enthusiast. I look forward to meeting you in person at Art Unraveled.

  10. These scribble paintings are really wonderful. The saturated colors and active linework exude playfulness. I can't wait to get my hands on the book that inspired these!


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