Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Encaustic Scribble Painting

Here is an update on my Scribble Painting.  I've been working in encaustic on paper, focusing on line. I'm exploring the range of expressive quality of line in various materials that will work with encaustic.  LOVE using the Caran D'Ache Neocolor II on encaustic!  Since these are water soluble, you can wipe off any marks you don't like (unlike oil pastel or encaustic paint).  When you are satisfied with your marks, you can lightly fuse them with a torch and then fix them with a thin coat of encaustic medium.  In addition to the Neocolor crayons, I'm using Pitt Pens, which are India ink, and applying encaustic paint with a heated stylus.

Encaustic, crayon, and ink on paper, 7"x7"

Encaustic, crayon, and ink on paper, 8"x8"

Encaustic and crayon on paper, 7"x7"

Encaustic and crayon, ink on paper, 8"x8"

Encaustic and crayon on paper, 8"x8"

Encaustic, crayon, and ink on paper, 8"x8"

I will be teaching encaustic workshops this summer and fall:

Monday, August 6, Plaster and Wax at Art Unraveled in Phoenix
Tuesday, October 2, Plaster and Wax at Art and Soul in Portland
Tuesday, October 2, evening, Introduction to Encaustics, Art and Soul, Portland
October 13 - 14, Paper and Wax: Encaustic Collage, Guilford Art Center, Guilford, CT

In Plaster and Wax we will explore the many ways you can take advantage of plaster's superior absorbency, as well as its textural capability.

My Introduction tot Encaustics will familiarize you with the basic materials, practices, and techniques of this exciting medium.

In Paper and Wax we will explore encaustic collage as well as drawing techniques on wax.  Since this is a two-day workshop, we'll be able to delve deeper into the material.


  1. Lovely work. Thanks for sharing all the info.

  2. How I love your scribble collages-you have such a knack for this style-the colors and lines have such a beautiful flow.

  3. The plaster work is a great idea. I am newish to encaustic but can see myself working toward this. thanks.


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