Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Faculty Show at Guilford Art Center

I just got this Virtual Gallery link to the faculty exhibition at Guilford Art Center, in which I had several pieces a few months ago.  There is lots of gorgeous work, including ceramics, textiles, glass, painting, sculpture, and more.  I love teaching at Guilford.  My next workshop there is Paper and Wax: Encaustic Collage, on October 13 and 14.  It will be listed in their next catalog, and I'll post the description soon.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Love those three!... I'll be checking out the link, thanks.

  2. I really like your pieces. Congrats on a fine showing :).
    Stay inspired!

  3. absolutelty stunning. Before I got into weaving, I was working in collage and have always been fascinated by the encaustic. Very inspiring.

  4. The cruciform is magic in your hands. I'm NOT giving up on it. These are, as always, fabulous!


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