Monday, May 7, 2012

Exploring the Self-Portrait, starting June 6

It's time for another round of Exploring the Self-Portrait, my online workshop for the self-portrait-terrified.   We had a blast with it in January, and the participants made fabulous work.  Here is a little sampling of what we will be doing:
To see the full description of Exploring the Self-Portrait click here.

I used self-portraits in my sketchbook for this encaustic collage.


  1. It's a difficult thing, to do a self portrait, and I usually find people are a little hard on themselves. Your students did great work tho'.

  2. What a wonderful treat, the self-potraits with the music. Powerful!! Makes me want to take your class. Was that Bonnie Raitt or possibly Sheryl Crow on the vocal?


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