Friday, February 24, 2012

Working Large Update

I've been working on 22"x30" printmaking paper, encouraged by my 18"x24" cheap paper experiments and all your encouraging words about the video post.  Here are a few pieces:

This one is finished, for now.  It will really be finished when I come up with a title.

Ditto for this one:

Here is an earlier stage of the above:

 Another one finished, for now:

And its earlier stage (one of many):

For this next one I took the composition idea from cropping (in Photoshop) an encaustic piece on paper.  Read about it on The Sketchbook Challenge post.  Here is the crop I used for inspiration:

Here is the first stage.  This is before I knew I'd use this piece to interpret the above composition.  This is India ink, exterior latex house paint, and acrylic.

And this is where it is now.  Still in progress.

Thanks again for all your comments and encouragement.  Love to hear it when one of you gets inspired to try something new or experiment with processes I demonstrate.  I did get Steven Aimone's book, "Expressive Drawing", and it is helpful.  Thanks for the recommendation!


  1. Geez, Jane, a few weeks and you got it down! Beautiful. My eye is drawn to the first and, especially, the last one. Those thick black lines are so sturdy and cool. Love the color in them, too. Perhaps you should call them Made. Large. Work. (1,2,3,...) !

  2. Can I just say YIPPEE for going big? LOVE it. You are rockin' it and inspiring me to take that risk too.

  3. I really like the colors you added! I just started my 6ft large!

  4. It's hard to recognise the familiar you in these works. Not your usual palette. That said... they are marvellous... strong and evocative. Just got your book 'Collage Journeys" and am finding it inspiring.

  5. I can visualize you doing these paintings, Jane. I love the way they turned out. Big and Juicy.

  6. These are amazing! I really liked the experimental ones with just black and neutrals, but I love the bits of color (and the blast of color in the last one) of these. The second one is probably my favorite - until the last one - I like the finer lines of it with the gray whites. The bolder blacks do their best work for me when they have competition from bolder colors. But they are all terrific! (Do NOT tear these up, not even for educational purposes.) What's next? Latex house paint? Going REALLY large?

  7. Beyond cool! I so appreciate that you show some of the permutations that you go through; it encourages me to paint over something if I'm not liking how it looks. Love your ink drawings - I bought my first jar of ink to give it a try!

  8. OMG Jane
    I am in love with and snd inspired by your large pieces! # 1,2 & 4

    are so rich and offer so many interesting places for the eye and heart to go. (not to get too mushy...)

    My title for #1 is The Journey In.

    I'll be interested in what your title will be. :)

  9. Got my numbers mixed up I meant 1, 2 and 3.

    Also love the ones with bits of color and large black lines.

    I can totally see these as the next stage from your smaller work, an expansion if you will.


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