Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Online Composition Workshop Coming Up

Beginning February 15, next week, I am offering my Keys to Dynamic Composition workshop online.  You can have all the drawing or painting skill in the world, great subject matter and a fantastic sense of color, and loads of techniques, but a piece lacking in compositional integrity falls short of its full potential.  If you feel you could use a stronger handle on the elements of composition, consider taking this class.  In each lesson we focus on a specific compositional type and use it to explore specific elements of composition - shape, line, color, value, texture, etc.

Above and below see a few examples from the class.

I will be opening the blog for this class tomorrow, a week in advance of the first lesson.  If you are interested, don't forget to read the Online Workshop Policies.  This explains how my online classes work.  Check out my other online offerings as well.

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