Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Working in Series

As you may know, I am a big fan of working in series. I almost always work on pieces in groups, and give my ideas room to breathe. Here is a short series I did a few months ago based on a composition idea. I started with a sketch and a group of painted papers, some notion of color, and went from there. I wouldn't say any of these is necessarily a finished piece, but together they represent my exploration of an idea that may or may not "work".

Composition Study 1

Composition Study 2

Composition Study 3

Composition Study 4
I have written an article for the new Sketchbook Challenge e-Zine on Working In Series. The rest of the zine is filled with ... oh, I will let you check it out here on the blog.


  1. Jane these are beautiful...you have such an eye for composition and color.

    I still have not had a chance to begin the class I signed up for...

  2. Beautiful series - the pieces work so well together. Brilliant colours and textures/patterns, fun to contemplate!

  3. Really like how you are exploring. These aren't the colors I am usually drawn to but the way you've done them I am drawn to them!


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