Friday, September 2, 2011

New Online Class

I'm delighted to offer a new online class, Text and Image: Telling Stories in Collage, starting October 19. In this workshop we will explore the power of image-word relationships by pushing beyond the traditional "illustrated text" or "photo with caption" formats into a world of complex layers of meaning, exciting surprises, and personal expression. Read the full description here.

And here are a few things my previous students had to say about my Color and Composition workshop, both of which I'm offering again starting January 4 and February 15, respectively.
I want to say THANK YOU to Jane and to everyone in the class for making this such an inspirational experience. I've learned so much from you all. I have to say that this class has de-mystified so much about collage that I just never "got" before. I am thrilled beyond words, so thank you!
I really appreciated the time and attention you put into doing both the written material and the video demonstrations. The printed lessons are terrific - and the exercises you suggested really did get me to focus on the material. It takes a great teacher to pull everything together like that.

I thought your course was fabulous and learned tons from watching what other people did and from reading your comments to them. I loved your videos and felt they contributed greatly to the weekly lessons and I also felt there was a very cohesive flow from one lesson to another.
I am very excited to teach this online class, as I've been working with found text and pairing it with images on and off for quite a while. I love using different kinds of text for its visual texture and pattern, and also using it for its meaning - which can be completely altered by the imagery associated with it. Fun fun FUN! Hope some of you can join us!


  1. Jane, I would SO LOVE to do this but am up to my eyes with work - and an art exhibition. I do hope you will offer it again. Sorry I can't participate.

  2. Having just taken your class "Secrets of Color", I know this will be a great class. Count me IN!!!

  3. Love the idea of your online classes - hoping to sign up soon!

  4. Jane, I'm probably not able to keep the pace with the class due to work schedule. Will the materials (e.g., videos) be available after the end of the class?

  5. Looks great- I will really try to find the time to do this!

  6. Yes does look great! Timing is not good for me, so don't know if I will be able to make it this time... hopefully you will offer it again!



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