Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just Some More Work

OK, I'm going out on a limb here a bit and showing two pieces I'm not sure are finished yet. I guess if I'm going to be posting sketchbook pages, I may just as well post unfinished or not-sure work. Thanks for all your comments and insights about sketchbooks!! I made myself a book for 2011, and am dying to start drawing in it, but I am just going to have to WAIT! And use my other books in the meantime. No shortage of them!

I haven't posted any of my 2011 workshops yet (and I WILL!!!), but so far I'm teaching at Ink About It on Jan. 7 and 8; Studio Place Arts on Jan. 28; AVA Gallery and Art Center on April 29 and June 24; Art Unravelled (site will be updated soon) on August 7 and 8; my own studio August 15 - 19; and at InView (near me in VT) sometime in early November. I'll be filling in other dates as they come up. I've applied to teach at CREATE in CA in May and Chicago area in August. We'll see.


  1. Finished or not, they lift my heart on a day which has been both gloomy and frantic.

  2. Loving the vibrancy of color. Especially since when I look outside all I see is white!!!

  3. Gorgeous! I especially love the first one.

  4. They are finished. They are perfect.
    They are a burst of sunshine and inspiration on a dreary gray day.

  5. Jane.. I like your reference of "going on on a limb"... like your bird. What class are you teaching in NH?

  6. Jane,
    I LOVE the collage with the crow. Let me know when you are done I might want to buy it!


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