Saturday, November 13, 2021

Technique Takeaway - The Short Workshop Format

 The Winslow Art Center in Seattle has been offering a series of "Technique Takeaways", which are short, one-session workshops that focus on one technique or concept. The workshops are on zoom, so you can watch them from the comfort of your own computer, and ask questions of the instructor in the chat box. 

Forty bucks, an hour and a half, and you have got a 'takeaway'. I have one scheduled next month, which you can see here. I would love to know your thoughts on this short form of a workshop, whether it is Winslow Art Center's Technique Takeaway or something similar.

What is your favorite form of a workshop? A five-day intensive in-person? An online weekly video workshop with or without feedback from the instructor? A one-day crash course? Videos you follow on your own?

If you are interested in The Short Workshop (tech takeaway style), what kinds of focused topics would most interest you? Would you like to be introduced to a new tool or material? A new technique? A particular aspect of color mixing? Or something specific about composition? What would YOU want to learn in the short takeaway?


  1. Jane, I love your Short Form Workshops with Winslow! I enjoy learning about your process of design and I always find something I can incorporate into my work. So anything about design, composition, contrast (subtle and not so subtle), mark making, color, intuition, inspiration, editing...all of it! And exploring new tools and materials in a short form course would also be helpful. So basically everything as you inspire me in my art journey :) I would also be interested in longer online courses that could build on some of these concepts that I could watch on my own time. I'm not someone who needs to engage directly with the instructor but would rather learn and experiment on my own. Thanks for asking! ~Debbie Ruisard

    1. I agree with Debbies take on "takeaways". this is a great way to get of taste of what could be delved into at a longer workshop should it be of interest. However even though I would enjoy a longer workshop I no longer wish to pack up and haul supplies for distant workshops. Ideally I would love to go to a destination workshop and have all necessary items (paint, paper, etc) provided with shipping options to send home produced artwork. Wouldn't that be the height of luxury? Giggle

    2. Ooooo, now that is a great idea. Not sure I would do it, but some teachers do.


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