Thursday, July 1, 2021

Composition with Imagery

I have been experimenting with floral-like paintings to see if I can still get at the compositional issues that intrigue me even when creating an image that represents something outside of the painting itself. Can I explore dense areas of small bits against large areas of 'open' or quiet space in a floral arrangement? How about color and value relationships? Can I create space and depth with 'flowers'? My interest is in the abstract visual language, but I really love some paintings that ride that edge between purely abstract, and representational, so I'm giving it a try.

Win Flowers of Summer in a raffle!

There is a bit of variety here, as I've been taking inspiration from a lot of different artists and different gardens. You can win "Flowers of Summer" in a raffle. I am donating the painting to raise money for the Rupert Village Trust, and organization of which I am a founding member. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Jane, I love these paintings and an.t wait to experiment with a few and perhaps add some tissue paper collage. Anita A

  2. These are wonderful Jane...

  3. These are gorgeous!! I am so glad you decided to try this!!

  4. The questions you ask yourself are what I appreciate you sharing - thank you for that inspiration to find a voice, find curiosity and then the perseverance and consistency to experiment. Particularly appreciate that you 'ride the edge' in your paintings. These florals are definitely doing that! Terrific.


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