Saturday, December 12, 2020

Stripes in 2020

 This pandemic found me doing stripes. And more stripes. It is such a simple format, but I am finding unexpected possibilities for expression in it, as well as an opportunity to slow down and go deeper into this exploration. Here as a video about my current work.

And a few of the pieces I've made this year:

Me and my Sunshine Stripes 56"x66"

Sonoran Stripes 30"x40"

Long Stitch #2, 10"x20"

Sunshine Stripes, again, 36"x36"

Stitched Together #something, 20"x20"

Common Thread #something, 20"x20"


  1. Just wonderful Jane, you are so good to share as you are an inspiration to anyone with a pulse!

  2. I'm in love with this series. It's so interesting to see how one bright colour can make a piece come alive (Sunshine stripes).

  3. I live this Stripes series...very alive!

  4. Thanks for sharing your ideas and inspiration Jane. I love how light and airy your studio is.


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