Monday, May 11, 2020

Stripes as Meditations on Color

Here are a few of the stripe pieces I've been working on. The ones pictured below are all 11"x14", acrylic and collage on paper. There are larger ones in the works as well, which I'll post at some point.






Since all of my spring workshops have been cancelled, and the non-profit I'm part of, the Rupert Village Trust, has suspended activities for the time being, I've had more time in my studio. Though I am teaching online, I am not traveling, and I find the longer stretches of time in my studio have allowed me to relax into a narrower and deeper focus than is typical.

How has the pandemic affected your art practice? Are you more distracted? More focused? Do you have more time or less time to make art?

These stripes and others are available as prints and products on Pixels/FineArtAmerica.


  1. Love these stripe pieces. Colorful and alive.
    Pandemic work. I have a COVID series I'm working on. Some days I'm motivated as usual. Some days I want to go back to bed. It's odd.

  2. These are lovely, Jane. I especially like the depth of the blue section in #2. I do have a bit more time in the studio but am finding that painting big is more difficult than usual. I can't think BIG. So I"m back at the studio table with my bits and pieces, making small collages with my lovely papers. Small is easier to approach than the big picture.

  3. I've entered a red and orange phase. Don't know where that came from but obsessed with reds, oranges and bright blues I've learned from you, you can always paint over it, and I have. The lockdown has let me be free to be me and not stress over getting it DONE ASAP. I work on a couple at a time and I'm always surprised I never end up with, what I started out to do. So far I'm happy and that's a good thing. Love all your pieces. I look at two prints in my studio everyday, they greet me as if you are saying 'hello' or 'good morning' you can do this, just play


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