Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Mandalas from the De-Stress Workshop

Here are a few, a very few, of the mandalas that participants in my De-Stress with Art workshop shared on our group blog. This is the tip of the iceberg, as it were. SO fun to see all the gorgeous pieces. The project is to make half-mandalas and then play with different combinations.

Check out the fish in this one.

Enjoy! Thanks for visiting.


  1. They are amazing, so creative. I couldn't pick a favorite. And fun! Perfect antidote for the times.

  2. This looks like a wonderful workshop. When will you be offering it again?

  3. Delightful. I wish I could sign up but 1.) my husband got laid off and 2.) I am working full time from home so no extra time and 3.) I have a ton of art work I should be working on, including the WIP's that I brought home from Big Fat Art way back in November. I still wish I could. I may take it at a later date. Thanks for all you do to support and encourage us in our creativity.

  4. love these creative genius beauties. keep on keeping on and make art every day!


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