Saturday, March 21, 2020

Sheltering In Place

For those of you who may have some extra time on your hands and could use a little bit of online creative community, I have created a new online workshop called "De-Stress with Art". It is a series of five projects that are designed to help you relax and focus while making beautiful images. You can see the full description here, and sign up if you like.

We'll start with mandalas, as they are soothing to create, and yet they offer a lot of creative possibility. Actually, we make half mandalas, so that we can put them together in unexpected ways.

My inclination was to offer something for free, but at the same time many of my workshops are being cancelled, so my own income for this year is pretty uncertain. My compromise is to offer this class for $100, considerably less than my other online classes. All my YouTube videos are free, so please use those as a resource for your creative endeavors.

Stay healthy! If you can, enjoy the change of pace, though I'm sure that is not possible or easy for many


  1. Hi Jane. I was just adding a link to your website onto my new blog and it keeps coming up Not Secure. The same with this blog (on Chrome). Maybe something to check out... Hope you are well and staying safe.

  2. Thanks for this post...yes one good thing about this shut down is more time to look up interesting blogs. Thanks for sharing.


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