Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Staining Tissue Paper to use in Collage

Here is a video I just released demonstrating how to make stained tissue paper in small quantities. In 2011 I did a post about staining tissue papers in much larger quantity, taking up a lot of space to make full sheets. Read it here and find some useful links. This video shows a more compact version.

You need palette paper (or use freezer paper); white tissue paper (I use Blick); fluid acrylic paints - transparent colors give you the best results; water, brushes.... I think that's it.

Stone Stack #6,  9x12"

Stone Stack #7, 9x12"

Stone Stack #8, 9x12"

Stone Stack #9, 9x12"

I used the resulting material in the collages above. These are very simple studies in which I am focusing on scale, value, and arrangement of elements.

You can find the pieces available as prints or products here.


  1. Thank you so much, Jane. I love your videos & you always introduce us to something new & inspiring !

  2. Absolutely yummy colors. Thank you for sharing this technique.

  3. I love the textures. Thank you once more for generously sharing your explorations

  4. Thank you for showing how you create the stained tissue paper.


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