Monday, April 15, 2019

Art On A Roll

One of the projects I wanted to try in 2019 is Art on a Roll. You can see my thoughts on what this year might bring on my Happy New Year blog post. I began it in early February, on a roll of Strathmore Bristol, which is 42" wide and ten yards long. As you can see in the photos below, I expose only a few feet of the roll at a time, and just work on that section. Then I roll up most of what I've done, unroll some blank paper, gesso it, and continue.

This process has helped me stay in the present moment, stay with what is going on in front of me. I have had lots of questions about what my plans are for the whole thing when it is "finished", but the truth is that I don't have any. It is the experience that I want to explore.

This is a few layers into the first section.

Close up of second section

Another close-up

Second section again

Beginning of third section


Many layers into section 4

More of Section 4

This is where it begins to turn into a landscape
And I put this little Scottish Village on it. Could also be in Newfoundland, but a friend is visiting Scotland and posting gorgeous photos, so that was on my mind.

Close up of the village

There might be another village across the water...

I am on another section now, and I did put some buildings on this patch of earth. I have an idea to do a workshop on this process, where we all work on our own Art on a Roll, and also do a communal one. I'm considering logistics and venue. Let me know if this interests you, or if you have ideas on how it would work for you.


  1. Man, I LOVE this idea. I've got a roll of Chinese Rice Paper kicking around and I'm going to do this!

  2. such a different way to experience the process, learn from it!

  3. WOW oh wow! I love this! I'm going to have to look in my teeny tiny art space to see if I can find a place for a roll to hang vertically.

  4. Awesome idea, and the artwork itself is gorgeous. I wonder how heavy paper should be (gms) to take gesso and paint? (rolls a bit exoensive ;) ) I Wanna try this :)

    1. See the link to the one I am using. I believe it is 270gsm.

  5. Absolutely extraordinary Jane -- j'adore!

    From A.J. in Santa Barbara

  6. Really interested to see it all at once!

  7. Quite inspiring! Just picked up the unveiling.... sensational!


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