Thursday, September 13, 2018

Sheldon Store Fundraiser and Mixing Greens

As you may know, I am involved in a project to make an old general store into a community center and café in my little town of Rupert, Vermont. We have formed the non-profit Rupert Village Trust to make this project happen, and while we work on our big-picture fundraising plan, we are doing a small fundraiser to help defray our immediate costs through GoFundMe.

Meanwhile, here is a quick video on mixing greens and turquoises. I just love playing with colors and extracting a big huge palette of subtle variations on a couple of analogous colors. Check it out.


  1. Ah Jane, I adore you and what you do. A little early early morning colour therapy, Thank you.

  2. Love the video, you have inspired me to play with colour again.

  3. Dear Jane, in many of your pieces you use a bright red - in this post, you used it to outline the square in the middle piece. Is that a single pigment or a mix? I love the emotion it provokes!


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