Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A New Gel Plate

I just recently discovered this 12"x12" gel plate from Gel Press. I love the size, and also the tightness of the corners.

12"x12" Monoprint Collage#1

12"x12" Monoprint Collage #2
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  1. Just wonderful - thank you for sharing!!

  2. hello jane - love this, made me get my gelliplate out again...can i ask what is that tool you use to rub over the paper in the first print (instead of rubbing with your hands) - is it a sort of brayer? I've looked in your faqs and tools list, cant find a mention of it...thank yoooou

  3. Hi Dyane, It looks like Jane is using a baren, a tool used by print-makers. Speedball makes one and is available at art suppliers or Amazon, or you could try making your own... or... Hope this helps!

  4. Once again, thanks for sharing it all with us! Last week I took out my gelli plate and played with it; it's always the same delight!! I understand that using a different size of plate makes a pleasant change. Mine is square, so I guess my next move will be the rectangle one. I don't quite get what is the advantage of rounded corners...?


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