Tuesday, March 13, 2018

From Sketchbook to Canvas

This is just one painting in process that I've begun using my sketchbook page as a starting point.

This work in progress is 36"x36".  It may change completely as it evolves, but you can see the influence of the sketchbook exercise in it.

This is the sketchbook page that I created as a "mood board" for the painting.
I never work on just one piece at a time, so I do have other paintings in the works that are similar in feel to the above. The one shown here is the one that most directly reflects the sketchbook starting point. I have no idea where it is going!


  1. Beautiful!!! I love the vertical red lines and the tiny white lines or scratches here and there.
    I've read Alice's article too and I must thank you for the link; it is a definitely interesting concept (although I hate planning anything when I paint) much in keeping with what I have been doing for years, collecting sentences, textures and combination of colours, but it was all a bit hectic and never organized. I can see the point of it all and will definitely try and collect everything in a sketchbook or on a board from now on.

  2. Thanks, Cathy. I don't plan my paintings, and in my workshops I really discourage it. A "plan" mostly just gets in the way. What I liked about Alice's post was the openness and fluidity of the sketchbook page as reference. I am not thinking of it as collecting everything that I want in a painting, but putting together some things I want to try in a painting or series. THIS color, THAT kind of line, something like that. Then, of course, the painting does its own thing, but when stuck, I can consider my reference sheet.


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