Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Another Weekend of Big Fat Art

This Big Fat Art Weekend was in Stowe, Vermont, at the Helen Day Art Center. We laid down masses of color using various techniques, then made lines, shapes, and patterns, painted over previous layers, kept adding stuff and painting over stuff... we flung house paint and High Flow paint, scribbled and dripped, made marks, and made a mess.  Here are some of the students' results (all to be considered works in process) and all around 18"x24" - 22"-30" except where noted.

This one is much larger, maybe 36"x48"

Next year at Helen Day, I will be offering another Big Fat Art Weekend, November 9 - 11.  I will also be teaching a workshop with Suzanne Seigel the week of October 15 - 19.  She will teach techniques for preparing collage papers; then I will teach a collage class.


  1. Thanks Jane. It was a great workshop and an all around great experience at the Helen Day Art Center. I wouldn't hesitate to jump into another workshop with you given the opportunity!


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