Thursday, September 14, 2017

My Daily Painting Practice

I have managed to finish at least one painting per day since I started the Daily Painting. My goal is to keep it up as almost daily painting. I can't make it a priority on travel days or teaching days, but most week days while I am not away teaching I should be able to finish a small painting. The small format (I am working 6"x6") is very user-friendly.  I am painting directly on gessoed wood panels.

You can see my daily paintings, as well as studies and experimental pieces for sale here.  See the entire gallery of Daily Paintworks here.  Sell your own work on Daily Paintworks!

Here are four of my daily paintings. Of course, I still work in multiples, so there are more of each of these, some finished, as you'll see on my DPW gallery, and some still in the works. I would love to hear your own thoughts on a daily painting practice.  Have you tried it?  Have you been doing it for years? How does it work for you?


  1. I wondered on average how long you spend on each? I still fight for time to be working on ongoing projects- but I think as a warm up - ten mins or so it's a great idea. Do you work on the same one next day etc? Or is the discipline to try and bring it to a conclusion within the time set?

    1. Great question! I paint everyday, but rarely finish 1 painting in 1 day.....

  2. Thanks for sharing! I've been meaning to follow Carole Marine's example for a long time, but never got round to do it, because, just like you, I prefer to let the painting take its time to mature. So as a counterpoint I try to sketch everyday, but it's not the same as painting abstract - and not as fullfilling. I kind of deluded myself thinking that painting small landscapes or still lives was all very well but the same principle couldn't apply to abstract. There you go, you've just ruined my perfect excuse :-D so I have to figure out something, and just try it as well ;-)
    And the questions raised above are very interesting too!


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