Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Workshop Openings

I am offering 100 Drawings on Cheap Paper again this fall, beginning on October 4.  This is a ten-week online workshop that focuses on working in quantity.  It is not about working quickly, but about investigating an idea over the course of ten small paintings or studies each week.  I am limiting the enrollment to a smaller class size than previously.

100 Drawings on Cheap Paper Online
One feature of this class is that you are asked to make observations about the work that you post, to really look at it as it stands on its own.  This is surprisingly challenging, because when viewing our own work, our default seems to be to describe how we made it.  You will develop a vocabulary for identifying visual content, apart from technical process.

My workshop at Hudson River Valley Art Workshops this spring has a few openings available.  "Visual Improvisation" is about taking a more inventive and playful approach to composition.  The web site describes the dates as May 7 - 13; that is is if you arrive on the Sunday prior to the workshop and depart the Saturday afterwards.  The workshop days are May 8 - 12, a Monday through Friday, full days.
Visual Improvisation in the Hudson Valley
For other 2017 workshop see my full Workshops Schedule here.


  1. Jane, nice update on how you describe the 100 Drawings workshop, and I think a smaller class size sounds beneficial. Thumbs up!

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  3. I have taken the 100 drawings class twice. May I take it again?

    1. Of course! Several people have taken it more than once. Sign up SOON, though, because it is filling fast.

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  5. Truly nice post about workshop opening. I love these beautiful arts a lot. My daughter loves paintings and we just got to know about a painting contest for kids that will be organized at local event space. I would love to enroll here in that contest because it will boost her confidence.


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