Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Why Buy Art? Why Not Just Make Your Own?

Here is a really interesting article on Artsy that addresses this question.  The author discusses the different motivations for buying art, and also some of the reasons you should also make your own.
I should put a picture here, just for fun, though I don't have one related to the article.

This is a painting I think I've finished.  Not quite sure yet.  It is 18"x24" on canvas.
Artsy is a terrific resource for research and education, as well as information and articles about current ideas and events in the art world.  Check out information on galleries, auctions, art fairs, museums, and more.  [I am not connected in any way, just passing on what I see as useful content].


  1. A most interesting article...thanks Jane. Love your image...but is it a little weighty on the bottom half?

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