Friday, June 24, 2016

Back in the Studio

It is often difficult to get jump-started in the studio after being away for a while.  I have numerous go-to methods of handling re-entry, and the all revolve around realistic expectations.  I expect to feel awkward and ham-handed, I expect all my inspiration from the photos I took to evaporate as soon as I put brush to paper or canvas.  Sound familiar?  I think we all develop our little tricks of the trade for getting re-energized in the studio.   The Five-Minute Painting is a good one.  As is painting to music.  These are all about process, staying in the moment, and not getting precious about the outcome.  This time I just used some starts I made in early May, which you can see here, and used familiar collage and painting techniques to take them a bit further.  Easy size (10"x10", comfortable colors, and techniques that are well within my comfort zone.

"Land Line #1";  This one is actually a knock-off of a painting I did in 2013 as part of my Fresh Paint Friday series.  See the video here.

Fog Lifting #1

High Tide #1

High and Dry #1
While doing these I was not actually looking at my reference photos, but I can see bits and pieces of them in the work.  The color or seaweed and rocks, the fog, of course, and the ladder image from the wharf at low tide.  Here are a few more reference photos not posted previously:

Fog on Bell Island

Fog lifting at Cherry Hill Beach

The color of seaweed

More seaweed


  1. Lovely paintings! Great photos for abstract studies. Thank You for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous work ....even after a break! We feel the need with you to kick back into action is always tricky! Cheers good to read and see - inspiring!

  3. LOVE these! You have a way with color!!!!!

  4. Wonderful! Your thoughts on returning to the process after a break were enlightening to me. They also can be applied to other areas of life. Thanks for the beauty to look at and the thoughts to muse upon.

  5. It is very difficult getting back to the studio, I agree! I also devised a system to help me get over the hump and it is similar to yours. I am a textile artist and so I make small works, 4"x6", a post card size, (I pre cut the bases and the plain backs) and give myself 15 minutes to sew it all up. The time limit helps me NOT to question my composition or my fabric and colour choices. I often get rid of tension and worry starting back that way and sometimes come up with something I can expand and work with. And in the end the better ones are used to write thank you notes to friends which are always appreciated! I am glad I came to visit your blog today. There was a link on Judy Martin's blog (also a Canadian textile artist) which I follow.

  6. Wonderful work as always! Thanks for letting me feature your work on my blog last month!

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